American and European citizenship for Asian girls and Russian women through

American and European citizenship for Asian girls and Russian women through

American and European citizenship for Asian girls and Russian women through
It just makes sense for most Asian girls or Russian women to desire an American or European citizenship. Why?

Because of the many benefits attached to it: on the average, living in those places offers better opportunities and a better standard of living; even for their unborn children.

But for most Asian girls and Russian women desiring this citizenship: they find it hard to get even a visa into those countries, much less getting citizenship.

They toil, doing everything within their power to convince immigration officers at the embassy, but no luck. They try every trick in the book, answer every question as best as they can, but the visa officers are forever unyielding for some know reasons though.

A second look into why most of those visa applications were turned down will show that the visa officers at the embassies know: once they grant those girls the visa, and they find their way into the country, their first goal would be to marry a citizen of the country. Thus becoming a citizen themselves, and they end up staying in the country forever.

In other words, those visa officers at the embassy see visa applications from most Asian girls and Russian women as a decoy for them to enter their country and become legal citizens: an act they arenot so much in support of.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. And if you’re one of those girls reading this right now: congratulation. Or you know a girl desiring such, by all means, share this with them, because the easy route to getting citizenship opportunities exist on is a social network for travelers, and it’s a fertile ground for Asian girls & Russian womento become citizens of those countries they have always desired to become.

Imagine getting married to someone from a country in which you desire citizenship right in your own country, bypassing the tedious embassy procedure, and getting visa without hassles on your next application. provides such opportunities and other opportunities you will get to find out yourself once you register on the site.

What you need do, is to first register on the . Create a profile; upload your profile pictures , click on the settings icon on your username, fill out your details into the general settings page, once you’re done, save it.

Still on the same page, click on the (Profile/ Host/ Travel) and fill out all that’s on the page. This is where you say all that needs to be known about you. Include your couch surfing choices, and your buddy traveler choices.

Save your profile, then go search for American or Europeans or any other country in which your desire citizenship on the website , that are heading toward your country or city especially males.

All you need do next is to establish connection with them on the website and when they land in your country, you can host them, or just hang out with them. And before you know it, things would begin to take shape between the two of you, and there’s no limit to what can erupt from that – even marriage in your own country ( meaning green card secured) or some other favors that you so much desire, which can only happen through them such as invitation.

The result you will get from the website depends on how well you treat the connection the website provides. But, if getting American or European citizenship as an Asian girl or Russian woman is what you desire, you can surely get it. Just seek out citizens of those countries on and the ball is in your court.


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How the right Partner can Help you make more money with imports from India

How the right Partner can Help you make more money with imports from India


While importing from India is the best decision any trader or business owner should make, having the right Indian partner to work with is equally important, and this can mark the huge difference between profit or loss, productive time usage in search of the right product or fruitless effort and total waste of time, resulting in frustration and waste of money.
Therefore, if you’re already importing from India or considering doing so, I would suggest you check out to get all the necessary assistance you may require. From product sourcing, quality checking, getting the best prices, continuously following up with manufacturers, translation to ensure effective communication, packing of products, and lastly shipping. are capable and ready to meet all your needs. is a reputable company with a full grasp of the Indian local market, it is one of the leading supplier and exporter of various agricultural and industrial products from India, and as such, product sourcing at the right price won’t be an issue for them.

With many years under its belt helping various partners achieve their importation goals from India, the company excel in it business relation with its customers by dealing with them as partners and not as clients.

In addition to that, it provides 24/7 support through various communication channels such as Skype, email, WhatsApp, etc. More so, the support doesn’t end suddenly once the product gets to your own warehouse. They check routinely to make sure that everything is all right.

Want to go into business but your budget is small?

One of the most profitable business in this age and time is importation business. That is, importing goods and products from another country to sell in your own country. This is the advisable route because the start-up capital won’t dig a hole in your pocket, and the profit margin would put smiles
on your face.

With as little as $3,000, you can successfully venture into importation. But mind you, the location you’re importing from matters a lot. Once you’re armed with the capital you tend go into business with, you should set your eyes on India.

Why India?

India is one of the few places on earth you can get various product, even unique once at a cheap price and very good quality. Products imported from India have high return on investment and to ensure this, you should partner with someone that knows the Indian market in and out.

For this, I would recommend going with a company that will assist you all the way, till you get your imported product in your respective country with many support facilities that makes your importation business hassle free.




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